• Outer covering 100% cotton canvas.

    Hand wash, line dry, or air dry flat.

  • Light weight

    Just a few ounces, comfortable to wear.

  • Velcro Fastening 

    Provides modest adjustment to compensate for minor weight fluctuations.

    Whole Woman Posture Belt

    If you have studied Whole Woman methods at all, you know that my research and the experience of thousands of woman around the world has proven that pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, and chronic hip pain all have pelvic mis-alignment as their root cause.


    Since 2003 I have been teaching women Whole Woman Posture.  In 2017 I introduced the posture belt shown to the left.


    The Whole Woman Posture Belt is not a "brace" as much as a reminder and encouragement to pull up into Whole Woman posture.  It is anatomically designed so that as you walk, your gluteal muscles push the belt up high in back and low in front.


    It is typically worn under outer garments and over undergarments.


    The posture belt is most helpful when you are going to be on your feet for sometime, perhaps at work, watching the kids or grandkids, or even standing at the sink when you have a stack of dishes to do.  


    The unique shape of the posture belt means that you have to take your measurements carefully.  Your waist size will not fit.  Below is a short video on how to take your measurements.


    Size range available is from 30 inches to 50 inches in two inch increments.  A metric conversion chart is below.  If your size is 35, for example, order a 34.  Better a little snug than too loose and not supportive.

    Remember, if your measurement falls between two standard sizes, the bias is to scale down to the next lowest size.  Use your judgment. 


    Restoring your natural female posture means restoring the lumbar curve that allows your pelvis to remain in its vertical, "ring on its edge" alignment, and still walk upright.  Your lumbar curve allows your organs to remain forward against your abdominal wall where they belong and pinned in place with every breath you take.


    There is no "cure" for prolapse in the conventional sense, but it is very manageable for a lifetime with education, support, and persistence.  


    The Whole Woman posture belt is an important aid in the Whole Woman work.

    For Your Consideration...

    • Turned for us in Maine from Eastern hardwood, the Whole Woman Exercise Baton is featured in almost all Whole Woman exercise videos, for upper body strength, mobility, and balance.  Solid grip, no slip, and a great foot massager as well!

    • Save on these two important Whole Woman accessories, the Whole Woman Posture Belt and the Whole Woman Exercise Baton  Click the link for more information.

    • The perfect accompaniment for carrying your treasures from place to place and showing off the Whole Woman logo.

    Whole Woman Posture Belt

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