The Whole Woman® Gift Certificates Catalogue

Welcome to the Whole Woman® Gift Certificates Catalogue page.  Gift Certificates are offered for a limited selection of Whole Woman® videos only.


  1. When purchasing a Gift Certificate, you will receive by email, a Gift Certificate you may print out and enclose in a card or package for your recipient, or you may forward it to her by email. 
  2. The recipient of your Gift Certificate will need to contact our office to validate the certificate and either add the video to her existing streaming video account, or for us to set up and activate a new streaming video account for her.  Our contact information will be on the gift certificate.  
  3. In the event your recipient has no, only intermittent, or a limited bandwidth (e.g. cellular service) internet connection, we can help her work around the difficulty.
  4. Note that it may take up to 48 hours for the Gift Certificate to be delivered to you.  
  5. 60 day Guarantee on all videos...

The First Aid for Prolapse & Exercise Bundle

Save 25% on the First Aid for Prolapse video course paired with the Whole Woman Exercise Bundle.

A best buy.

The Joy of Menopause

Menopause has many common symptoms.  Many symptoms have natural solutions. Whole Woman's own Christine Kent shows you how.


Saving the Post-Hysterectomy Woman

Hysterectomy brings risks that are rarely explained to women.  This course will help you understand your options.

Save Your Hips - Stabilize & Reverse Chronic Hip Pain

Avoid dangerous surgery! By the time you feel hip pain, inflammation is well established.  Act now to begin the reversal.

The Whole Woman® Solution to Urinary Incontinence

Five modules, two Bonus videos.  Specialized exercises to get and keep your bladder under control.  Get started today.