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  • Whole Woman has been phasing out DVDs in favor of streaming video.  Watch our videos as many times, as often, and for as long as you like.

    For those with no, unreliable, or metered internet for whom streaming video is not practical, please contact Whole Woman Customer Support for alternatives.  60 day Guarantee on all videos...

  • Whole Woman supports you every step of the way in the work of stabilizing and reversing your prolapse, incontinence, or chronic hip pain.  Founder Christine Kent is available for consultations, classes, workshops, intensives, and speaking engagements.

  • Whole Woman carries items to help you maintain your Whole Woman  posture and your exercises.  We ship all over the world.  60 day Guarantee on all physical products...

  • When you want to share the value you have received from Whole Woman videos, why not send a Gift Certificate for selected videos to a woman who matters to you.  It's quick and simple.

Christine Kent

Founder Whole Woman