Christine Kent

Founder, Whole Woman


Successfully Stabilize and Reverse Prolapse without Dangerous Surgery

I'm Christine Kent, and after my serious uterine prolapse, I set out to solve the problem because for me, surgery was not an option.  It took me almost ten years.  But since I founded Whole Woman in 2003, my methods have kept thousands of women all over the world out of the operating room and leading full, active, physical and sexual lives while successfully keeping their pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence under control.

...I am almost half-way through a second pregnancy that has been very enjoyable and prolapse-free. I graduate as a Registered Nurse in a few weeks, top of my class and able to have completed all of the physical demands with ease. I walk everywhere, jump, dance, chase after my toddler, have great sex, and live without fear of any worsening of the condition of my vagina.


I have no need for a pessary. I am complemented daily by absolute strangers on what gorgeous posture I have. I feel womanly. I feel happy. I feel whole. Whole Woman works!



Colorado, USA

After 9 or 10 months of working the WW posture, I have to share my good news: for two days in a row now, I've been able to walk over a mile with NO protruding cervix!...


Additional benefits:

Not only does the posture reduce the prolapse, it also feels absolutely terrific.  I can breathe more deeply and freely, my chronic hip pain is vanishing, I have a wider field of vision because I'm not hunched over, and I just feel so open and graceful and feminine. (Not feminine as in "frou-frou." Feminine as in "goddess.").



California, USA

What You Need for Prolapse Control

The Whole Woman work begins when you understand that no one else can solve your prolapse problem for you.  

You are not the are the Physician.


No one can know your body better than you do.  Doctors want you to turn control of your "treatment" over to them.  This is a remarkably bad idea.  You are the one who will primarily have to live with the consequences of your health decisions.  No one should make them for you.


Self-care is the foundation of the work, but there are three things you need to be successful with it..

  • Education

    Understanding what has happened to you and  why is the first step.  And no, prolapse has no correlation to how many babies you have birthed or how large they were, other than the medical or surgical interventions that may have taken place at that time.  Prolapse happens in women who have never given birth, and can happen at any age from teens to eighties.

  • Support

    On your Whole Woman journey to pelvic health, you will almost certainly have questions, concerns, ups and downs.  We support you with our free online forum, our network of Whole Woman Practitioners I have personally trained and certified, and consultations, classes, workshops and intensives I personally conduct.

  • Persistence

    The Whole Woman work is not hard, but it takes time, effort, and conscious awareness.  You will be retraining your body after decades of unfortunate alignment habits.  Persistence is key.  Some women notice improvement almost immediately, some in a few weeks or months.  But once you can feel for yourself that this is really working, persistence is easy!

Please Let Me Introduce You to Whole Woman with a Free Gift

If you have been searching for a legitimate alternative to dangerous surgery, I'm confident you will discover you have come to the right place.  


But I don't expect you to take my word for it any more than you should take your doctor's word that surgery is the only and final solution.


Let me offer you a free gift that I think you will find of real value, particularly if you've been told to do Kegel exercises.

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