Christine Kent, RN

Founder, Whole Woman

Six Weekly Workshop Sessions

  • Week 1 - January 9, 2019

    What We have Learned - Sharing the agony and the ecstasy

  • Week 2 - January 16, 2019

    Digging up the Roots of Patriarchy - Beyond betrayal and the wounded heart.

  • Week 3 - January 23, 2019

    Integrating Shame and Trauma - Exploring a deeper sense of self.

  • Week 4 - January 30, 2019

    Healing our Ancestors - Expanding forgiveness and love

  • Week 5 - February 6, 2019

    Caring for our Sexual Body - The art of self-care

  • Week 6 - February 13, 2019

    Igniting the Sacred Flame - Cultivating our highest energy

Six Monthly Video Calls

  • Finding - March 13, 2019

    Discovering your priority issue(s)

  • Focusing - April 17, 2019

    Eliminating distractions that may diffuse your effort

  • Defining value - May 15, 2019

    What benefit you have derived from your experience

  • Strategy - June 12, 2019

    How to apply that benefit to your life

  • Action - July 10, 2019

    Your action plan for leveraging that value

  • Celebration - August 14, 2019

    Sharing the beginning of the rest of your life

The 2019 Whole Woman Winter Workshop


Healing our Sexual Wounds

An Online Whole Woman Workshop

As women, sexuality has affected every aspect of our lives from the exhilaration of our first pair of high heels to the shock of date rape.  


I have created the Sex and the Whole Woman workshop to help women identify and transform our wounds and scars, particularly those related to our sex and sexuality.  


Instead of those wounds and scars acting as anchors that drag us down, they can become the foundations on which we build the best years of our lives.  


Our wounds are often deep, sometimes deeply buried, and are likely to be tangled with shame and guilt.


My work at Whole Woman has always been about healing our bodies so we may fulfill our potential without the lifelong damage of surgery.


Today I am announcing this new program to facilitate the healing of these deeper wounds, so that we may experience our fullest expression in this life.


The purpose of the workshop is women healing themselves.  Call it self-care for the spirit. 


In his 1959 book The Sirens of Titan, iconic author Kurt Vonnegut coined the phrase, “the universal will to become,” which he defined as the engine that powers the universe.  


Vonnegut captured an important insight.


Charles Darwin foreshadowed this idea with the description of biological evolution.  


All spiritual traditions echo the same idea.  We are all in the process of becoming, evolving, awakening.


We all hunger to become more, whether it is more accomplished, more at peace, more awake, more attentive and loving, more thoughtful, healthier, happier, or more meaningfully connected to those we care about, love, and cherish.


However, becoming is neither a smooth nor linear path.  


The wounds and scars we all accumulate in life can keep us frozen, blocked from evolving into the next iteration of ourselves, sometimes for years, or even a lifetime.  I certainly have experienced this in my life.


Let me be very clear.  This Workshop is not about psychotherapy, which I am not licensed or qualified to practice, nor has it been particularly helpful for me.


The objective of the workshop is for a small group of women to open up about and share what is blocking their becoming, define what and how they intend to heal themselves, then accomplish that healing.  


Women helping each other create healing is the function and goal of this workshop.


My role will be as a facilitator, solely to keep the process on track.  I’m not here to teach you anything, just help you find your way.


This will not be a “pity party” or just hashing out old issues that you have hashed out a thousand times before but never resolved.  


Just as I have shown with my work with prolapse, incontinence, hip pain, and other issues, self-care means you have to do the work.


We will all work together to help you find your way to resolution, healing, and transformation.


Our wounds and scars cannot be erased.  They are part of and may even be central to our life experience.  The question is, are they holding us back in our process of becoming? 


Or are they just liabilities in our lives that can and must be converted into assets that we leverage into a life that makes us feel whole and complete?


2019 Whole Woman Winter Workshop Details 


The 2019 Whole Woman Winter Workshop will be held online.  We will meet two hours a week for six weeks beginning January 9th, 2019.  The group will be limited to just eleven participants plus myself to allow time for everyone to communicate, participate, and share.  It will be a video workshop so we can communicate eye to eye.


We will also meet online one evening a month for an additional six months for updates, review progress, to support each other in the work, and finally to celebrate our successes.  


The meetings will be on Wednesday evenings 7-10 PM Mountain time (GMT -7).  I realize this makes for a late evening for those on the US east coast and during the workday for those in Australia.  The time schedule may make it difficult for women in the UK or Europe to participate, but it is what I can do.  


In this patriarchal world, in many ways, women have been cut off from each other, or have not felt safe opening themselves to other women in their communities.


My intent for Whole Woman has always been to be open about subjects that have traditionally been taboo.  Our mothers didn’t talk about what was going on “down there” and that silence prevented women of earlier generations from helping and supporting each other.  


As a result, all too often, women became imprisoned in the medical system with shame and guilt, which kept them from knowing, speaking, and living the truth about their bodies, health, and relationships. 


The Sex and the Whole Woman Workshop is another dimension to the Whole Woman work - addressing our issues with openness, respect, truth-telling, and results.  


Each participant will receive in electronic form, a journal with questions designed to help you access what you need to focus on most, and as a workspace for finding and creating your resolution.


The video sessions will not be recorded for everyone’s safety and privacy.


The cost for the workshop is US$ 497.00 for the six weekly and six monthly online sessions.


Please join me for this event.  Below is the link to register.  First come, first served.  I look forward to meeting with you online, rolling up our sleeves and doing what may be the deepest, most difficult, and most important work we have ever done.  


Conditions - All Workshop participants must agree to the following conditions...Please Read Carefully

  1. Key to getting the most benefit from this workshop is a commitment to listen, support, and provide honest insight and suggestions to the other participants.  Therefore, in the limited time we have together, it is essential that barring family or other emergency, each participant commits to being present and on time at each class.  Any participant missing two sessions will be asked to withdraw from the Workshop.  See item seven below.
  2. The conversations and information shared at the weekly and monthly Workshop sessions are explicitly private, and not to be shared with anyone.
  3. Each participant will be treated with dignity, compassion, and respect.
  4. There is no place in this conference for dogma, political, religious, or otherwise.  We are here to find truth for ourselves, and any insistence on subscribing to pre-packaged ideas, philosophies, or beliefs is contrary to that goal.
  5. Information shared in the sessions are not protected by attorney, therapist, or clergy and client privilege.  Be cautious of bringing issues to the workshop that involve current illegal behavior that Whole Woman may be ethically bound to report to authorities.  If you have any questions about this, please call to discuss prior to registration.
  6. Any participant who does not appear able to abide by these conditions will be coached one on one by me to attempt to resolve the problem.  If in my sole judgment and discretion, anyone appears unable or unwilling to comply with these conditions, she will be asked to leave the Workshop.
  7. There will be no refund for any participant who is asked to leave the workshop due to violation of these conditions. 

Best wishes,

Christine Kent


Whole Woman

+1 505-243-4010