Four modules give you the knowledge you need to get your prolapse under control.  Note - If you are a post-hysterectomy woman, please refer to Saving the Post-Hysterectomy Woman.

  • Module 1 - The Whole Woman Solution

    The evolution of female human anatomy that gives us the key to understanding the root cause of prolapse.

    Run time - 22:01

  • Module 2 - Why The Whole Woman Solution Works

    An in-depth understanding of female anatomy shows why Whole Woman methods work.

    Run time - 12:58

  • Module 3 - Practical Whole Woman Living

    The details you need to know to successfully stabilize and reverse prolapse without dangerous surgery

    Run time - 19:54

  • Module 4 - The Whole Woman Exercise Program

    Retraining your body to a more natural posture means undergoing some stretching and strength building with a structured routine.

    Run time - 17:35

  • Module 5 - Whole Woman Tools

    This powerful collection of specific exercises and practices will anchor your Whole Woman prolapse management into your daily life.


    • Introduction & Whole Woman Breathing
    • Pelvic Rocks
    • Firebreathing
    • Nauli
    • Belly Tosses
    • Hip Turnout
    • Whole Woman Toileting
    • Whole Woman Walking & Running

First Aid for Prolapse Video Course with
The Whole Woman Exercise Bundle

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Discovering you have cystocele, rectocele, or uterine prolapse is a devastating experience.  


This discovery usually results in a panic stricken call or visit to the gynecologist.  


There is a carefully choreographed process the gynecologist will probably walk you through, with some possible variations.


"Well, it doesn't look too serious yet, let's just keep and eye on it and see what happens."  What will happen is no mystery.  Prolapse is a progressive condition.  It doesn't get better by itself, it gets worse.


"Lets send you to physical therapy.  You need to strengthen your pelvic floor." The physical therapist is almost sure to teach you how to do Kegel exercises.  If you've read my article Why Kegels Don't Work, you know that these exercises are almost guaranteed to make your condition worse.


"Lets fit you with a pessary."  While a pessary may provide some comfort (although it frequently creates dis-comfort), it has no therapeutic value whatsoever, aside from the fact they are ineffective for rectocele.  


"Gosh, it seems like we have run out of options.  It looks like surgery is the only the left to do."  Now we get down to the foregone conclusion the gynecologist has had from the very beginning.  These prior steps have been just been preparatory so that you would have become emotionally receptive to the idea surgery, perhaps hysterectomy or "repair".


Who to you turn to?  Who can you trust?  You can trust your doctor to lead you to the operating room and to fail to explain all the risks entailed in these notoriously unreliable pelvic surgeries.


The astonishing reality is that the medical system has operated on a flawed understanding of female anatomy for 500 years.  And, in spite of several calls in the medical literature to correct this error, a multi-billion dollar industry has been built on this misconception and no one wants to kill the goose that's laying billion dollar eggs.  


For almost ten years after Christine Kent's surgically induced profound uterine prolapse, her research of this most common women's health issue lead her to get her own prolapse under control and started teaching other women through her online forum, books and videos.  


Since founding Whole Woman in 2003, her work has kept thousands of women out of the operating room and living fully active lives.  


In First Aid for Prolapse, Christine walks you through step-by-step what you need to know and what you need to do to stabilize and reverse your prolapse.


The Whole Woman Exercise Bundle


Five additional full-length videos give you a complete variety in your pelvic support safe exercise program.  The bundle includes -

  • Whole Woman Yoga® - The First Wheel - Yoga was designed by men for male bodies.  Some postures are not safe for women with pelvic issues.  Whole Woman Yoga® is a yoga style of exercise that is safe for women with prolapse.  
  • Whole Woman Yoga® - The Second Wheel - A bit more advanced.  Modeled by Christine's daughter Nikelle on the beach in California.  Great for postpartum moms (as Nikelle was at the time).  
  • Whole Woman Yoga® - The Third   Wheel - with a particular emphasis on Whole Woman firebreathing, this video helps you learn how to bring your prolapse under control when you're having a difficult day.
  • The Whole Woman Dance Workout - The original Whole Woman workout, based on ballet, you will be stretching and strengthening while remaining in the essential Whole Woman posture.
  • First Aid for Prolapse for Elders - Some days you may not feel like pushing yourself, but still want a good stretch and quiet workout.  Even though our model for this video was 86 years old, it is a gentle but helpful program.

These two sets of videos give you what you need to stabilize and revers your pelvic organ prolapse.  


You have sixty days in which to request a return (which very few women do), to it's an inexpensive experiment to run to prove to yourself that dangerous and unreliable surgery is not necessary or appropriate for your condition.

    First Aid for Prolapse Video Course and Whole Woman Exercise Bundle

    Instant Access for both the First Aid for Prolapse Course and the Exercise Bundle.  Purchased individually, they total US$ 198.00.  Purchase together for only US$ 147.00.  

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    Streaming video has many advantages. 

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    • You have instant access with no shipping cost or delay
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