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Consultation with Whole Woman® Founder Christine Kent

By phone, Skype, or in-person, a consultation with Christine can be a life-changing experience.

Class with Whole Woman® Founder Christine Kent

A half day 1-on-1 session with Christine Kent will answer your questions and get you on the path to pelvic health.

The Whole Woman® Conference with Christine Kent

The Whole Woman Conference is held annually in August.Join women from around the world for pelvic health.

The Whole Woman® Works! Intensive with Christine Kent

A two and a half day deep dive into the Whole Woman® work is the fast track to restoring pelvic health.

Consider Christine Kent as a Speaker at Your Next Event

When you want to provide your event with a speaker who will shake things up, make an impact, and have your participants feel they have gotten tremendous value, consider Whole Woman Founder Christine Kent for your keynote or breakout sessions.


Her story of personal tragedy to the transformation of women's health in over 60 countries will inspire and motivate women to take charge of their health, learn the art of self-care, and proactively manage their relationship with the medical system that expects women to be passive, compliant, and surrender control of their health.


For more information, please contact Lanny Goodman at the Whole Woman office. +1 505-243-4010.